Argan Oil
“When I was in my 20’s, I had beautiful long thick shiny hair. When I got into my 40s, my hair is still thick, but it’s dry and lifeless. I didn’t know anything about Argan oil, but I found this site and read about the results other people were having. I gave it a try. I put it on after I took a shower my hair looks amazing, soft, bouncy and shiny after only one application! You only need a little bit. Put some on your hair tips and massage your scalp with it. If you have same hair problems like mine please don’t hesitate to try this product it is truly a miracle. Thank you so much.”

J. Davis (Tampa, FL)

“I have rosacea and my skin is very sensitive. I am amazed at how soft this makes my skin feel and there’s no irritation at all. I also use a few drops to moisturize my arms and legs. Great product!”

K. Peterson (Lexington, KY)

“I found argan oil several years ago, and have been using it as skin and hair moisturizer. What I really like is that argan oil adds a lot of moisture and shine to your skin or hair without ever making it look greasy and/or feel sticky and oily. Also, I have used this particular brand of the oil and find it of a very good quality. Highly recommended!!”

P. Liska (Huntingtown, MD)

“I read the reviews and was excited when my Argan Oil arrived. It did miracles for my face and cleared my adult acne. It also helps alot with fine lines. I’m ordering a second bottle!”

I. Downey (Oklahoma City, OK)

“I’ve been hearing great things about Agran oil and wanted to give it a try. My hair was dried out and this oil makes it manageable. It does hydrate the hair and make it shiny and healthy. When I got it, I put it on the ends of my hair and ran my hands throughout (not at the roots) and slept overnight. I shampooed and conditioned in the morning. It wasn’t a miracle, but it was the best experience that I’ve had with a simple product.”

S. Fromky (Jacksonville, FL)

“I have very dry skin and the oil clears up the dry spots within minutes. It also gives my skin a really pretty healthy glow. I highly recommend it!”

M. Stanjesky (Spearman, TX)

“I have very dry skin in the winter and after I cleanse my face, I put a drop of this and pat it into my skin… this is wonderful and I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed. :)”

D. Dillon (Orday, CO)

“After one of my friends started raving about Argan Oil, I knew I had to give it a try. Well, I did, I liked it so much I gave it to everyone for Christmas, from my mother in law, to my baby nephew with eczema! I love it for my face. I have the kind of combination skin that can feel tight and dry but have an oil slick on top. This oil absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and hydrates so well that it balances your skin. I also had good results speeding up the healing on a cut, and shrinking a pimple breakout.”

M. Revner (Windom, MN)

“I have mild to moderate adult acne with combination skin. Upon reading about all the benefits of Argan oil, I decided to try it for my acne as well as for anti-aging purposes. After about six weeks of using it, I realized my face had been unusually clear for a number of days. I still get a few pimples but not as many and the ones I do get seem to heal faster. My skin just looks better period. Like many acne sufferers I have tried numerous products for my acne with limited results. I am really surprised this worked so well. I totally did not expect it.”

D. Blackton (Lancaster, OH)

“My skin looks much better and I realized it had to be the Argan oil as I have added nothing else to my current regimen, and my face looks great. So in total it has been about eight weeks now that I have been using the Argan oil and my skin looks better than it has in years.”

E. Louis (Norwich, NY)

“All I do is add three to four drops of the argan oil to my moisturizer morning and night. My biggest fear with any new product that I use on my face is that it is going to break me out since I am acne prone (especially an oil!)–but that did not happen at all. Like many acne sufferers I have tried numerous products for my acne with limited results. I am really surprised this worked so well. I totally did not expect it.”

J. Nicole (Cartersville, GA)

“I’ve been using this for the past 3 days. The product is superb and already my skin feels brighter and smoother. I’ve usually been very skeptical of such products but this has been a rare find. I use this oil in combination with Jojoba oil to control my acne.”

B. Lewis (Scottsdale, AZ)


Chaacoca Shine Finishing Mist
• With certified Moroccan organic argan oil and keratin
• Gives all hair types a lustrous shine
• Instantly smoothes fly-aways
• Color protection
• Alcohol free
• For all hair types
• Sulfate, phosphate, and paraben free

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Chaacoca conditioner benefits
• Daily moisture/repair
• With certified Moroccan organic argan oil and keratin
• Very rich in fatty acids and proteins
• Gently cleanses, nourishes, and restores moisture to hair
• Replenishes shine and resilience
• Calms frizz without weighing hair down
• For chemical-treated and over stressed hair
• Color safe
• For all hair types
• Sulfate, phosphate, and paraben free

chaacoca 100 Organic Argan Oil (2107--2 oz)I have been using it for weeks now, it makes my skin softer! No thick greasy residue. Very fast absorbancy. It’s a great feeling to know that I spent my money on a product that works! — Manchie
Star: 5 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca 100 Organic Argan Oil


Chaacoca shampoo and conditionerI am writing in pure amazement, to inform you that I am smitten by your products. The health of my hair has been a lifelong battle for me, and after having used your products just ONCE I feel almost victorious.

A bit of background is necessary: I have wavy/curly hair, extremely thick, and what some may call unruly. For nearly a decade now, I straighten it. Twice every week. Like clockwork. If my hair isn’t straight, it’s in a bun. I have worn it curly maybe a handful of times in my whole adult life.

I washed my hair with your shampoo and conditioner earlier today, and I couldn’t believe my eyes (and nose, and hands)… my hair looked, smelled and felt SO soft and wonderful. My hair’s problem is thickness and volume combined, which is a disastrous cocktail, because the average hair-clip doesn’t usually contain them. For the last three hours, my hair has been casually held up in a bun with a clip that is the size of my fingertip – because they’re not static-y and dry. The converse being extremely oily and wet-looking, which is disgusting. None of that today – My hair shines with just the right amount of moisture, doesn’t weigh it down but holds down the strays.

Best of all, I DO NOT miss the smell of burnt hair. Rather, I smell something very earthy, natural and calming in my hair. I LOVE IT! — Meg Pa
Star: 5 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca Shampoo and Conditioner

Awesome Oil !!!

Chaacoca Argan Oil Hair TreatmentThis oil leaves your hair looking so healthy, even after blow drying! I love it because it decreases drying time for my hair. Dee Dee
Star: 5 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca Argan Oil Hair Treatment