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Chaacoca Intense Hair Repair Treatment - Mask with Argan OilI really love the way this hair treatment mask makes my dry brittle hair soft and shiny. The effect was pretty dramatic! But I have to say that the fragrance is pretty unpleasant (to my nose it smelled like cheap deodorant) and lingers long after rinsing. Oh well — willing to put up with the smell for soft hair. — Sarah R.
Star: 4 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca Intense Hair Repair Treatment – Mask with Argan Oil


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Chaacoca Shampoo I’ve actually been using this shampoo for the past two week and it makes my hair extremely soft and healthier looking than before, also a small quantity of can clean your hair and give you a lot of foam. — Salima
Star: 4 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca Shampoo

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Chaacoca shampoo and conditionerThis is amazing. I have been using the Chaacoca hair shampoo and conditioner for quite a while and I have got to say I am really flabbergasted by the effectiveness of these products. There is no artifice when using this product because it feels natural and smells natural so I am pretty sure that it is from quality and genuine substances. There is nothing malign about this product. It is just blithe and GREAT!! You won’t regret it. Frank
Star: 5 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca shampoo and conditioner

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