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Chaacoca Shampoo I’ve actually been using this shampoo for the past two week and it makes my hair extremely soft and healthier looking than before, also a small quantity of can clean your hair and give you a lot of foam. — Salima
Star: 4 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca Shampoo


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Chaacoca Intense Hair Repair Treatment - Mask with Argan OilI used this product 3 times before composing this review, I didn’t want to gush about it from the first application (although I was already in love).

The first time, I did what the directions said: wash hair, massage mask through hair, rinse in 5-10. I had just used their shampoo and conditioner once before, and I still felt a bit giddy at the concept of making my previously unruly lion’s mane manageable without a flat-iron. My hair felt soft and smooth, ready for whatever: even a loosely pinned-up messy bun without worrying about my hair being too brittle to take the laborious twists and turns it takes to create a “casual” up do.

The second time, I wanted to leave it in longer. I was watching TV while I let this sit, anndd I fell asleep. I left it in overnight, far longer than I had intended to. I woke up in a panic, afraid my hair was going to be weighed down and limp-looking. NOT the case. I washed it out in the morning, and it was BEAUTIFUL! I think I like this method more. Best of all, my couch wasn’t stained with greasy hair-goop! I could still feel it in my hair the next day, but my hair had a ultra-hydrated feel to it, rather than super-greasy and oily. I love how this mask is rich and creamy, but its SURPRISINGLY light.

I did the same thing last night, and woke up to great-looking (and smelling!) hair. I’m sold. LOVE it!

Next, I plan to try to apply some heat with this in my hair, and try the 100% Argan Oil they offer. Will post an updated review when I do. — Meg Pa
Star: 5 out of 5

Product: Chaacoca Intense Hair Repair Treatment – Mask with Argan Oil

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